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full house and flat refurbishment

.....from building works to electrics, plumbing and joinery.....


.....we do kitchens, flooring and lighting.....


.....we do joinery from wardrobes and sideboards to parquet and solid wood floors.....


.....we do bespoke, fitted and branded kitchen installations.....


.....we do bathrooms, wet rooms, shower rooms and en-suites.....


London based specialists in house and flat refurbishments        Contact Us

The best decision we made on this project was to hire Tom and the team at Delano. They consistently exceeded our expectations... The communication during the project was smooth and timely; the work done was of great quality, with a lot of attention to detail.

Renaud & Yusef, Brixton Village

Charlie, Tom and their team did a terrific job... On time, on budget and beautifully finished. Their guys were extremely polite, clean and efficient. Cant rate them highly enough and we will definitely be using them again.

Pip and Chris, Clapham

Our home renovation was a labour of love and we could not have hoped for a more skilled, dedicated and talented team to carry it out... Weve been in the house almost a year now and still marvel at all the high standards of every detail - how lucky we were to work with such excellent builders.

David & Virginia, Brixton

Great work guys, the flat is hugely improved. Your attention to detail and the quality of the work is exemplary... Your workers were polite, clean and accommodated the neighbours throughout the work. Ill be working with you again shortly.

Martin, Pimlico

Jess and I are really loving the house and every day we appreciate all the work that you and your guys put into it, so thanks again for that.

Lucy and Jess, Brixton

The flat is beautiful and shows great attention to detail, enabling me to have everything I wanted, without losing a sense of space and light. I am delighted.

Lizzie, Notting Hill

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