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How do I ensure I comply with building regs during my London house refurbishment?

By March 25, 2013 No Comments

If you are planning on doing any structural work during your London house refurbishment, for example building a side extension, a loft conversion or removing a supporting wall, you will need to ensure that the work complies with current building regulations. Your local councils building control team (or a private building control company) can do this for you.

The council will inspect the building works at various stages throughout your house refurbishment. Once the project is complete they will issue a completion certificate, which proves that the works comply with current building regulations. This document is essential when you come to selling your house.

In order for your house refurbishment to comply with building regulations, you may need to employ a structural engineer, he  will specify items such as the type of steel beam needed to support a wall, or the depth to which foundations need to be dug and so ensure that your building work is safe. Your councils building control will approve the work done on your house on the basis that a structural engineer has made the calculations based on which alteration work is carried out.