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London side extension FAQs

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These FAQs will answer the main questions we are asked about building a side extension in London. 

Do I need planning permission?

In many cases you will not need planning permssion for an extension, this is becaue many extensions fall under PD, or permitted development. Government guidelines for what is allowable under PD can be found on the Planning Portal – Extension web page.

If your extension falls outside these guidelines you need to submit drawings from an architect or specialist in planning submissions.

How do I make sure my extension complies with building regulations?

Usually an extension will need to be approved at several stages by building control to ensure that it complies with building regulations. Building control can be carried out by your local council or by an indepenedent building control specialist.

It is essential to gain building control approval as it ensures the new extension is safe and that it complies with modern building regulations. When you come to sell your house, the completion certificate, gained through building control, will be required by the purchaser.

Will a Structural Engineer be needed?

If you are knocking through a load bearing wall, Structural Engineer’s calculations are needed to ensure that the RSJ (steel beam) used in the extension meets with Building Regulations requirements.  We look after all aspects of dealing with the structural engineer.


What is party wall consent and do I need it?

Usually when an extension is built it will involve some work on a party or shared wall.  The Party Wall Act 1996 requires that any affected neighbours are notified and their permission for the work is gained.

We can draft suitable letters and approach neighbours on your behalf.  This process is usually fairly straightforward, although ideally it should be started a couple of months before you intend to start work.

Will I be able to get planning permission?

In almost all cases gaining planning permission is possible.

See above – how do I get planning permission.

Can I use a special brand of kitchen units?

We can install any type of kitchen units that you require.  We are also able to recommend several suppliers and in some cases negotiate large trade discounts for our clients.

Some of the companies who supply us with kitchen units, work tops, tiles and flooring  include the following for kitchen units; Howdens, Magnet, for work tops; Kitchen Work tops direct for flooring; Floorings Supplies and for tiles; Tower Ceramics.

Will the side extension add value to my house?

In almost every case a side extension will add more to the value of your house than the cost of the work. In our experience, this has always been the case!

Have a look at some more pictures of some of our london side extensions.

If you are considering building a side extension, give us a call.