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Retro robot lights – a unique finishing touch to your newly refurbished home

By January 30, 2014 No Comments

Strictly speaking we don’t usually feature information outside the building and refurbishment sector, but we could not resist these retro robot lights. A friend of ours makes these retro robots in Ireland, each one is unique and made from salvaged pieces of electronic equipment.

Most of the robots we’ve featured are fully functioning lights, some are simply decorative and they range from a few inches in height to several feet.To buy a retro robot for your newly refurbished home check out this website http://pbretrobots.com/, they’re shipped from Ireland in their own special wooden packing crate! We love them and hope you do!


Here’s the list of ingredients for a robot:

Time taken:  from two or three days to a few months

Mix well and heat on gas mark 6:

– old Bakelite multimeters

– tea tins

– small baking tins for feet

– old gas regulators

– vintage blow lamps

– old cameras binoculars

– threaded bar washers rivets

– lots of nuts and bolts