London house refurbishments

London House Refurbishment

Here’s a selection of some of our projects.

For some ideas about your refurbishment see our blog post on 5 top tips for London House Refurbishments.

If you are considering a house refurbishment, give us a call.

Side or rear extensions

Extensions come in all shapes and sizes, here are a couple we enjoyed building. One is a little but unusual with a cantilevered sedum roof, which allowed an all round low profile glass window to be installed. The other has a cast in situe concrete worktop and custom made kitchens, where the owner specified the type of wood used and exact design of each of the kitchen units.


Here are a couple of kitchens, one installed by a specailist subcontractor kitchen fitter that we work with and the second a Howdens kitchen with handless doors.


Here are a few bathrooms that we have installed. We’ve included a few small ones so that you can see how a small space can be used effectively.

Lounge/living room

Joinery and corridoors