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How we can help with your London flat refurbishment

By June 25, 2013 6 Comments

We provide a professional, high quality design led and cost efficient way to carry out your flat refurbishment from start to finish. We take the pressure of you as we offer the experience of specialists throughout the process.

Here’s a brief outline of how we can help by:

1. Viewing your flat and discussing your plans

2. Discussing and advising on how you can best achieve what you want

3. Developing your design and providing an initial estimate of the project cost along with a design spec

4. Helping you visualise the project with floor plans and 3D models

5. Managing the whole refurbishment process from start to finish including engineers, building regulation specialists and managing agents

6. Procuring of materials including kitchens, bathrooms, light fittings etc often with trade discounts

If you are considering a flat refurbishment email us for a free estimate, or give us a call.


For a more detailed guide to planning a project and the steps involved you may find this pdf guide helpful.

PDF guide to refurbishing your London flat

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  • lesley forrest says:

    We would like a quote to refurbish a two-bedroomed conversion flat in South Croydon. Will need general refurbishment of plumbing, electric, new partition wall to create new bathroom and kitchen area, decoration and new flooring.

  • Husam says:

    I recently bought 2 flats in london, which in total their 2,368 SQF.

    My idea is to join the 2 flats into one 5 bedroom flat. I want to demolish the flat entirely and refurbish it from ground zero.

    I did the plans according to the specs and regulations. My only problem is the refurbishment cost. In the beginning I had a budget of £250 per SQF. Would this budget deliver a high end flat or not?


  • admin says:

    Hi Husam

    Yes in almost all cases your budget should allow you to do a high end refurb. Your budget should be enough to carry out some fairly extensive structural work and remodelling of the interior of your flats and then to install a high spec finish.

    In your case, since you have a healthy budget for the work you plan to do, it might also be worth considering hiring an architect to plan the layout you want. There are also some very good interior designers we work with who can give your flat a really polished finish.

    Obviously without seeing the flat we are going on our experience of the central London flat market, but we feel pretty confident what we suggest would be achievable in 9/10 situations.


  • Amanda says:

    I’m in the process of buying a large 4 bedroom flat over two floors with the intention of subdivide it to two two bedroom flat of 100 sqm each on each floor. There will be no structural work involved except adding a roof light in one of the loft room. Each flats will have one bathroom and one ensuite. The existing flat is in good condition. How much should I budget the refurb as a ball bark? I’m looking for a high standard finish.

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